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Will the Bears Let Go of DOGE Price?

  • Dogecoin price is finding it hard to sustain its momentum as seen from the 5-day price chart due to continual bear pressure

DOGECOIN (DOGE) price had managed a stable upward momentum till the bears took over the crypto market in July. From there it was a continual downhill for DOGE. The price is still under a lot of pressure though DOGE is trying hard to recover as seen from the 5-day price chart where the prices have been oscillating in the range of $0.0022–$0.0024.

Dogecoin Price Analysis:

DOGE price has been under continual bear pressure as seen from the 5-day price chart. From a high of $0.0023 on Oct 06, the price of DOGE went below the baseline at $0.0022 on Oct 07, the downward swing was to the extent of 5.68%. On Oct 09, the price rose by 9.89% to $0.0024. However, this price rise was short-lived as the price fell to the extent of 7.88% at $0.0022 on Oct 10. Today, the price is still at $0.0022 which shows a flattish movement of price.

Dogecoin Price Chart

Dogecoin has not been able to maintain its stable momentum since the bears got stronger in the crypto market. Though there have been intermittent bull runs, the bears still have a strong grip over the DOGE price movements and the bearish sentiment is expected for the short-term. Analysts are, however, bullish on the coin and expect a turnaround by the year end. Investors do not have much option in this current crypto market volatility and should wait and watch till the market reaches a level of stability.

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