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Will Stellar (XLM) Witness Further Fall in the Price?


Stellar price evaluation since the beginning of the month indicates that currently, it is trading with downward momentum. It was priced at $0.07158961 on November 1, 2019, with the movement being bearish. The movement for the XLM coin was almost at the same pace with the bears dominating the coin until November 4, 2019. On the same day, there was a sharp rise, with price reflecting growth by 28.77% hike on the next day. However, today, it seems that the bears have once again gained back control over the coin.

Stellar price

Stellar Price Prediction

XLM coin is reflecting a bearish run by almost 9% as compared to yesterday’s trading price. The price of Stellar can fall tomorrow also and reach to its immediate support of $0.0687.

Stellar’s movement indicates that it is a very good time to invest your money in purchasing new coins today. Also, it is suggested to retain XLM coins for a longer-term. It can be traded at a value of $0.073242 and $0.077010 this week. As per the RSI indicator, the number of coins being traded has been overbought and oversold several times, and now the number seems neutral.

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