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Will Bulls Take the Lead for Bitcoin?


Bitcoin (BTC) has the highest adoption rate among all cryptocurrencies on the blockchain network. The bears in the crypto market have not spared even the number one currency in the crypto market. With the price of Bitcoin, having a lot of downward variations with the price ranging from $10932.91 – $10311.89.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin had undergone a lot of variations. The first half of the day had an uptrend, but later the bears got the better of the BTC price. At 12:15 UTC, Bitcoin price was at a high of $10932.91. In next five hours, BTC started going downwards and reached $10311.89 to the extent of 5.65%. At 19:51 UTC, the price of Bitcoin went slightly up to $10382.59 to the tune of 0.78%. Then, the BTC price fell to $10311.89 to the extent of 0.68%. Today, Bitcoin price is at $10351.050 which is higher by 0.38%.

The most popular currency on the blockchain network has always had a lot of demand. Investors though have been disappointed with the crypto market volatility.

Bitcoin Price Chart

BTC Chart

Bitcoin is still a coin with great potential and investors should consider investing in for a long-haul. The market volatility still being strong, short-term investors should trade cautiously.

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