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Will Bears Let Ripple Price Take an Upward Swing?


The market volatility had hit Ripple hard like other altcoins since it set at the beginning of July. The current movement of XRP price also shows fluctuations in the range of $0.24- $0.25.

 September 06, 2019 had begun on a good note for the Ripple when it was at $0.2591. In a matter of five hours at 17:47 UTC, XRP price went down to $0.2516 to the tune of 2.67%. Ripple price further went down to $0.2484 at 20:13 UTC and the downward movement was to the extent of 1.28%. However, at 22:48 UTC, XRP price has recovered to the extent of 1.38% at $0.2518. Today, XRP price is trading at $0.2515, which is negligibly lower.

Ripple, the third-largest coin in the list of top cryptocurrencies, has been a coin with a great future. With the market volatility still visibly strong, it may take some more time for Ripple to show upward momentum. As per the historical data and analysis, analysts expect that this short-term bearish trend to be a temporary phase and it might surge by the year-end.

Ripple Price Chart

XRP to USD Price Chart

 Investors can buy the coin from a long-term investment perspective. With the bears still going strong, short-term and day investors should make careful moves before trading.

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