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Will Bears Continue To Hammer Tezos Price?


Tezos (XTZ) is an open-source platform for assets and applications which is backed by a strong community of researchers and validators. The past one-day price chart for Tezos gives a bleak picture as the price has been moving in the flattish range of $ 0.0001.

Tezos Price Comparison and Predictions:

 The one-day price chart of XTZ on Sep 10 shows a lot of movements, mostly below the baseline. This shows that the bears are moving strongly and playing with the price. The day starts with a low note for XTZ; the price is being traded at 0.000099 BTC at 2:30.  At 13:17 the price went upwards at 0.00010190 BTC  by1.97%. In the next 3h 51m, the price of XTZ had fallen to 0.000100 BTC; the movement was to the tune of 1.17%. After then,  the price again went up to 0.000102 BTC showing an upward movement of 2.25%. Today, the price is in a similar flattish range, indicating that the bears are not letting the price rise.

Tezos had begun the year on a low note, but then its price had begun to peak in April. The price of Tezos has been oscillating since the bear sentiment set in. Analysts expect the current bearish trend to continue for some more time.

Tezos Price Chart

Long term investors should hold on to their investments and think from a long term perspective. Short-term investors can get into the trading mood by exerting caution.

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