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VET Price Takes a Stable Turn in the Bearish Market

  • VeChain price has managed to hold its ground against the bears as seen from the one-day price chart

VeChain (VET) price, like other altcoins, was caught in the bearish volatility going on in the market since the end of June. However, the past one-day price chart shows the price of VET having a stable run above the baseline price. This is some good cheer for the community which had to bear the bearish onslaught and see their returns diminish. The price of VET has moved in the range of $0.0035 – $0.0037.

VET to USD Price Analysis:

VET price has managed to maintain its momentum above the baseline price for Oct 13 as seen from the one-day price chart. The price was at $0.0038 at 1:32 UTC and fell to $0.0036 by 4.70%. Then, there was some respite for the price of VET as the price went up to $0.0037 at 13:41, the upward momentum being to the extent of 3.68%. With the bears around, the price again went down by the extent of 4.86% at 20:16 UTC, at $0.0035. At 23:18, the price went up to $0.0037, the rise being to the tune of 3.47%. Today the price is at $0.0036, lower momentum being to the extent of 2.70%.

VeChain Price Chart 

VeChain did not exhibit much to cheer in the ongoing bearish sentiment in the crypto market as the price have been under the bear pressure and mostly below the baseline. However, yesterday the market gave some reason to smile for the coin as the price was above the baseline and stable. It is crucial to see whether VET will be able to sustain this stable momentum in the bearish market. Analysts expect VET to gain a good upward momentum by the year end. Investors should consider this as a good opportunity to invest from a long-term aspect. Intraday traders could make gains if the price of VET continues with this stable momentum.

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