TRON Value Drops by Over 5% With Its Intra-day Movement


It was recently tweeted that TRON real-time accounts have now surpassed 3.7 million users. Well, that’s quite huge a number.

Tron Price Analysis:

TRX value was seen trading at $0.01372 at 05:05 UTC time on October 2, 2019.

Tron Price

Considering the intra-day movement, yesterday, the value was initially seen at the highest peak of $0.01492 at 03:06 UTC. The value then dropped by 6.69% at 15:15 UTC hours seen trading at $0.0139 value.

The value than slightly increased by 3.43% at 16:37 UTC hours when the value was seen trading at $0.01439. From then, the value is dropped by 3.94%.

TRON is fluctuating in the bearish zone right now. However, the intraday movement if analyzed wisely can help you earn little returns on a daily basis. Otherwise, holding on for too long might result in negative numbers.

The long haul movement seems to support the same trend. It seems that the value will witness a continuous drop for some more time So hang in there and wait for some better announcements and partnerships.

The resistance and support levels are calculated as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $0.014636, R2: $0.015199, R3: $0.01556

Support Levels:

S1: $0.013712, S2: $0.013351, S3: $0.012788

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