Tron (TRX) Tremendously Escalated by 11% in the Last 24 Hours


TRX community recently tweeted about their request proposal on having the same token names in the wallet. However, it might seem an absurd request, but let’s see if TRX succeed in realizing this proposal or not.

In the Intra-day fluctuations, the Tron price was seen escalating above the baseline. The value was initially seen trading at $0.01434 yesterday at 00:35 UTC. The price from then escalated by 11.31% at 12:31 UTC, and it was seen trading at $0.01596. A slight drop of 2.09% was then seen at 14:27 UTC when the TRX coin price was trading at $0.01561.

Tron price then tremendously increased by 6.18% to the highest touch point of $0.01657 seen at 20:13 UTC. The value from then slightly dropped by 2.57% as of now.

Tron Price Chart

Tron Price Prediction:

Based on the last 30 days data, the price of TRX coin is sliding upwards after having a steep fall in the last week of September. As per current trend, this might be the best time to hold the existing coins to earn decent returns in the long-term. Traders should consider the calculated support and resistance levels to avoid losses in short-term trading. Tron price might cross its 90-Day high $0.032 by the end of the year. The resistance and support levels are calculated as follows:

R1: $0.017067, R2: $0.017779 and R3: $0.018984

S1: $0.01515, S2: $0.013945 and S3: $0.013233

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