Tron Records a Dip of Almost 7.5% Since Last Week


Tron was priced at $0.0155 on September 01, 2019 at 12:50 UTC. It started to rise upwards slowly and reached as high as $0.01619 on the next day. Then, for the next two days, the TRX price movement is almost stable. Post-September 04, 201, Tron price witnessed a decline and continued to fall. With a sharp fall on September 05, 2019, the price reached $0.01438 at 18:00 UTC. Yesterday, again there were two sharp falls and TRX price reached as low as $0.01391 at 19:30 UTC. Since yesterday, Tron has somewhat managed to rise upwards and has reached to $0.01435 as of now.

Tron to USD Price Analysis & Prediction:

TRX price reached as high as $0.01619 and if we compare the said price with the current price, the coin indicates a bearish run by around 11.33%. We anticipate that Tron may fall marginally tomorrow as well and can reach its next support level of $0.0142.

Tron can be traded in the range of its calculated resistance and support levels of $0.0138 and $0.0149 today. The number of coins being traded have been overbought and oversold several times and has been overbought again now as per the RSI indicator. TRX may cross its 30-Day highest value of $0.021 in the upcoming months.

Tron Chart


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