Tron Price Reflects Steep Fall; Intraday Trading Seems Dull

  • Tron (TRX) takes a deep dig on the chart.
  • The price rally gets postponed.

Tron price has been suffering from a long time now. In the recent upsurge, TRX was seen escalating tremendously which gave some hope to the traders. The same is again doomed as TRX is currently dealing around $0.016. The coin was around $0.030 before the beginning of the third quarter and is currently trading with almost 50% cut in the trading price.

The intraday trading in TRX isn’t giving any positive sign. Let’s read the intraday chart.

Tron Intraday Chart:

The data feed is collected from Bitfirex on September 23, 2019, at 10:59:02 UTC.

Tron Price Chart

Yesterday, TRX started the day trading at $0.018. The price fell to $0.017 by 4.01%. Further, the currency jumped and took the price to $0.0179 by 3.95%. Later, the fall brought down the price to $0.16. The intraday loss in the price was of 7.47% as  TRX closed the day around $0.016. Today, the coin is spotted dealing with loss as there is a moderate fluctuation in the lower range.

TRON Price Prediction and Conclusion:

TRX is declining at a greater speed. Any investment in TRX would turn out to be risky at present. Yet, we would recommend the traders to hold the investment and wait for a visible upsurge.

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