Tron Price Increases by 5% From the Lowest Touch Down Seen Today


Justin Sun to go live on Wednesday, October 9, at 11 AM PDT on YouTube live stream. He will be talking about huge projects like BitTorrent. Stay tuned for the same.

Tron Price Prediction

The price of the Tron coin is seen trading at $0.01516 at 07:45 UTC on October 7, 2019. The recent fluctuations in the chart are seen as:

TRON Price

TRX coin was seen trading initially at $0.01547 yesterday at 01:05 UTC. The value then dropped by 6.04% at 14:14 UTC when the Tron coin price was seen trading at the lower touchpoint of $0.01454. A slight escalation of 3.65% was then noticed around 15:34 UTC, seen trading at $0.01506. Tron price from then dropped by 4.79% today at 00:21 UTC to the lowest touchpoint of $0.01434. The value is slightly increased by 5.64% as of now.

Tron seems to be recovering as of now. However, as per the current market volatility, it might fall to its next support, as well. Considering the ideal trade decision, you might just want to analyze the trade as of now, since it is predicted that the value might drop in the coming few days. However, the intra-day trade might help you acquire considerable returns.

The long-term movement suggests that the TRX coin might drop in the coming weeks. So, the ideal decision is to keenly watch the trend of Tron. Since the fluctuations in the coin price are volatile, you might want to trade under the resistance and support levels, which are calculated as below:

R1: $0.015234, R2: $0.015679 and R3: $0.015926

S1: $0.014542, S2: $0.014295 and S3: $0.01385

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