TRON Price Escalates by 19% Since the Last Week


Binance recently hosted a USDT-TRON event which includes fast-growing flexible plans. It starts today and will continue until October 21, 2019. This might improve the rating of the currency as compared to other altcoins.

Tron Price Analysis:

Today, the price of Tron (TRX) is seen trading at $0.01468 at 04:58 UTC. The price was initially seen trading at the lowest of the last five days. TRX price was seen trading at $0.01218 on September 26 at 16:20 UTC. The price was then escalated by 14.59% on the next day at 21:45 UTC when the Tron was seen trading at $0.01396.

Tron price was then dropped by 8.54% on September 30 at 04:45 UTC trading at $0.01277. The value then escalated to the highest peak on the same day at 18:15 UTC when TRX coin was seen trading at $0.01509. The value from then slightly dropped by 3.23% as of now.

TRON Price Chart

Tron might be trading with a downward movement from past few days. It is predicted that in the short term, TRX price may find next support in the coming few days. Traders should wait for devaluation and then hit the buy trade decision. The intra-day trading, however, can result in little returns if you hit the bar at the following resistance and support levels:

R1: $0.015247, R2: $0.01597 and R3: $0.01708

S1: $0.01341, S2: $0.012296 and S3: $0.011573

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