TRON Price Dropped by 0.40%, Same Trend May Continue


Tron was valued at $0.149 yesterday, and it seemed that the coin might rise soon. However, there were several sharp falls, which resulted in TRX to reach as low as $0.143 with a drop of about 4%. It did manage to gain back its momentum shortly and the highest price recorded was $0.015 yesterday. Today from 02:01 UTC, for an hour, the TRX price was constant at $0.147. While writing this analysis, the movement of the coin seemed to be bearish.

TRX price evaluation is as mentioned below:

Tron Price Chart

TRX Comparison and Prediction for the Long Term:

TRX was priced as high as $0.0150 yesterday at 21:22 UTC and at present is priced at $0.0147 which indicates that the trend now is bearish by 1% which can be considered as negligible.

TRX may fall marginally with prices reaching $0.0146 by tomorrow. By the end of September, it could be priced at $0.015 and by December,19 TRX can reach as high as $0.020 with more than 36% growth.


Tron movement indicates that it is an excellent time to purchase the new coins or you can also sell the old coins. TRX can be traded in the values of $0.147 and $0.149 today. If the price of the coin continues to fall further, the next primary support level can be seen at $0.141 and $0.138. Tron can bounce back from the bears like it has proved in the past provided it can maintain its consistent performance from here on.

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