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The Bears are in No Mood to Relent for Dogecoin


Like most of the altcoins, Dogecoin price has also been in the lower range owing to the market pressure in the crypto space. However, DOGE price has shown recovery and has fluctuated in the range of $0.0023 – $0.0026.

The current Dogecoin price trend shows that the coin is going through a lot of variations but still are trying to recover from time to time. From a low of $0.002379 on September 02, Dogecoin price rallied to $0.002689 on the same day in a span of 7 hours, and the upward swing was to the tune of 12.88%. On September 04, DOGE price went down to the extent of 9.12% at $0.002439. On the next day, the price went up by 5.74% at $0.002579. Today, Dogecoin price is trading at $0.002471 which is lower to the extent of 3.84%.

Dogecoin has seen a lot of price variations since the bear market set in the month of July. At intermittent intervals, it has been trying to move in the upward range, but the bears succeed in pushing its prices further down. As per the historical data and analysis, the short-term outlook for the coin is likely to bearish but the coin price should stabilize itself by the year-end.

Dogecoin Price

Investors should think of long-term investments as the market is still facing a lot of volatility. Short-term and day traders may not gain much in this scenario.

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