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Tezos (XTZ) Records 7% Hike in the Last 24 Hours


Tezos recently acquired attention from the crypto followers in their first Eastern European Hackathon. However, the real question is whether XTZ coin managed to grab more supplies and users on their network or not. Let’s see!

In the last 24 hours, the fluctuations of Tezos coin were quite noticeable. The value was initially seen trading below the baseline at $0.8542 on October 7, at 00:29 UTC. XTZ coin price from then escalated by 8.66% to the highest touch point of $0.92818.

A slight drop of 3.57% in the XTZ price was then realized today at 00:50 UTC. The price of Tezos from then escalated by 2.24% at 05:02 UTC and trading at $0.9155 as of now.

Tezos Price Chart

Tezos Price Prediction:

If we look at the fluctuations of XTZ coin, it seems to be trading downwards as of now. As per the trend and historical data, it is predicted that in the near-term, the value might drop a little more in the upcoming days. To avoid any losses in short-term trading, traders should consider resistance and support levels to enter or exit the trade. Tezos price may cross $its 30-Day high of 1.15 by the end of the year.

The resistance and support levels are calculated as below:

R1: 0.931372, R2: 0.956058 and R3: 0.987867

S1: 0.874877, S2: 0.843068 and S3: 0.818382

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