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Tezos Records 17% Dip in Last 30 Days; Currently Trading Below $1

  • XTZ may climb up to $1.50 in the next 30 days

Tezos is currently going through a slow phase, trading below $0.90, but it is just a matter of time before the coin starts moving upwards again. Tezos may surge up to $1 over the next weekend. The current performance of the coin indicates progressive trends ahead.

XTZ Price Analysis:

As on October 2, 2019, at 07:04:37 UTC, the price of XTZ token is noted to be $0.89. The coin has recorded a downtrend of over 17% in the last month moving from $1.08 to its current value. XTZ was observed to be moving around $1 for the most part of the month, but it started tumbling down drastically after September 26 from $1.14 to as low as $0.83. It has recovered a bit since then, but it may take another few days for the coin to move up to $1 again.

Tezos Price Chart

The highest value of XTZ in the last one day was $0.99 and the lowest was $0.89. Currently, the coin is moving around $0.89 but may cross $0.99 by the end of the day. It may even cross $1 in the next few days.

XTZ started the year trading at $0.47 and it is currently recording a growth of over 2X moving around $0.90. The highest recorded value of it in the last 90-days was $1.73 and it may cross this value again by the end of the year.

This is the perfect time to invest in XTZ token and save for long-term benefits in the future.

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