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Tezos Escalates by 5% from the lowest in the last 3 days


Tezos recently organized a community leadership summit that will help the world to understand as to how Tezos takes undertakes safe and their best institutional-grade practices which were discussed by the world leaders. Users might have got an insight of how Tezos really work.

Tezos Price Analysis:

Tezos had a quite a noticeable move in the past 5 days. XTZ was initially seen trading at $0.90078 as on September 25 at 01:40 UTC. On the same day, XTZ price then dropped by 8.97% at 11:30 UTC, when the trading value dropped to $0.81995. With a view to show its potentiality, the value escalated by 11.13% on September 26, when Tezos was trading at $0.9112; marked as the highest touch point of the said period.

Unable to hold, the value then dropped again by 10.14% the next day at 01:05 UTC, trading at $0.8192. With a moderate volatility on board, the value took a move in the upward direction by 11%, which led the coin to trade at $0.909 on September 28. The current trading price is a result of 4.56% fall from the latter price mark.

Tezos Price Chart

Considering the market statistics and price trend from last 30 days, the value of Tezos is fluctuating in the bearish zone to a major extent. It might be an ideal time for the new and existing traders to invest in the currency and hold on to their positions till it hits the upward motion.

The short-term investment, however, can help in fetching moderate returns. Unlike to this, the long-term investors need to wait for the price to trade back around the pivot point or above the baseline constantly.

The calculated resistance and support levels are as follows:

Resistance levels:

R1: $0.913302, R2: $0.938702, R3: $0.960596

Support Levels:

S1: $0.866008, S2: $0.844114, S3: $0.818714

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