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Stellar (XLM) Still Has A Long Way to Start the Recovery

  • XLM coin has many ups and downs on account of bear pressure in the past 30 days

Stellar’s popularity has not been able to help it to maintain its upward momentum in the ongoing bearish market. The price of the XLM coin has been on a continual downslide due to mounting pressure from the bears, as can be seen from the past 30-day price movement. XLM coin price has been oscillating in the range of $0.05 – $0.08.

The price of Stellar cryptocurrency has been at the baseline for the most part of the past 30 days. The price escalated by 45.19% from $0.0580 to $0.0845. With the bears coming back with a bang, the price of Stellar Lumens again fell to $0.0544 on September 24 by 35.50%. On September 26, the XLM price rose to $0.0617, with the extent of 13.04%. After then, it fell slightly to the extent of 5.21% on October 02, at $0.0585. Today, the price is at $0.0578, which is lower by 1.20%.

Stellar Price Chart

Stellar Price Prediction

Stellar’s good start to the year was offset by the bearish trend, which took the crypto market by storm towards the end of June. The sentiment in the crypto market is still bearish and is expected to continue for the short-term. Stellar crypto has seen a lot of variations in its price due to continual pressure from the bears. Analysts expect XLM coin price to pick up and go for a bull run by the year-end.

Long-term investors should believe in the future potential of the XLM coin and not get worried about the ongoing crypto market volatility. Short-term traders should have a cautious investment approach.

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