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Stellar Records 5% Surge in Past 5 Days; Moves Past $0.061

  • Stellar keeps bringing global influencers onboard for its upcoming conference

It may have been a plunging trend for XLM currently, but the current scenario is expected to change soon. Stellar team is focusing on the upcoming Stellar Meridian Conference to be held in November and is bringing many global influencers onboard. This may lead to a sudden increase in the mass adoption of Stellar and the current market price of it may skyrocket soon.

Stellar Price Analysis:

The current trading price of XLM at the time of writing is $0.061 as on October 9, 2019 at 05:11:50 UTC. This is a result of an uptrend of over 5% in the last 5 days moving from $0.058 to the current value. XLM was seen to move from $0.058 to $0.063 yesterday but then started falling slightly to reach its current value. The highest recorded value of XLM in the last 90-days was $0.100 and it is expected to move past this value very soon.

Stellar Price Chart

XLM can be expected to move between $0.060 and $0.070 in this month, as exhibited from its current momentum, price trend and past records. This may turn out to be an ideal time to start exploring investment options in the XLM which may lead to high returns in future.

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