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Stellar Price Tremendously Descends on the Intraday Chart

  • Stellar (XLM) price movement exhibits heavy fall
  • The downtrend in price is speculated to remain intact

Stellar was once spotted trading at a high of $158 during the ongoing year. The price started slipping from the third quarter which remained locked till now. At the time of penning the article, Stellar was at $0.0544. The market cap is at around $1,094,917,958 and 24hr volume is around $151,881,266.

The fall in Stellar is speculated to remain intact for a while. For the expected improvement, the traders might need to remain calm for a longer time than expected. Here, let’s analyze the intraday chart of Stellar.

XLM/USD Price Chart:

Stellar Price

Yesterday, Stellar started dealing at $0.0560. The price escalated to $0.0561 by 0.49%. Later, the coin slipped to $0.055 by 1.64%. The price jumped to $0.0560 by 1.10%. The currency slipped in the later hours to $0.055 by 1%. Further, the price escalated to $0.0566 by 2.17%. Stellar slipped to $0.055 by 1.32% before the price improved and touched $0.0564 by 1.08%. The last few hours of the day brought the coin down to $0.0554 by 1.91%. The intraday movement in the price reflected fall of 1.12%. Today, Stellar opened with a drop of 1.40%. The price counters changed from $0.0554 to $0.0546. The coin tried to improve and touched $0.0551 but couldn’t hold for a long time and fell to $0.0544 by 1.75%.

Stellar Price Prediction:

Stellar is known for its hasty movement in the price chart. The coin is anticipated to recover in some time. The intraday traders are speculated to bear the loss as the price is moving towards the major support level at $0.0539. The coin has violated the immediate support level at $0.055 and the next support level at $0.0546. The resistance and support levels are given below.

Resistance LevelPrice
R1$ 0.056728
R2$ 0.057477
R3$ 0.058132
Support LevelPrice
S1$ 0.055324
S2$ 0.054669
S3$ 0.05392

The coin is recommended for the short term traders. The specified period would bring a colossal profit in the future.

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