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Stellar Price Has Escalated By 4% In The Last 24 Hours


The stellar community recently released Horizon v0.20.1, which helps in deploying the ingestion system for better features. The release was made officially on Stellar Developer blog.

Stellar price is trading at $0.06281 at 11:19 UTC on 30th August. Yesterday, the XLM price was seen initially below the baseline trading at $0.06033 at 07:59 UTC. The value then increased by 4.68% at 11:46 UTC when the XLM price changed to $0.06318. Stellar price has dropped by 3.44% at 15:37 UTC time with the trading price of $0.06104. Then, Stellar price escalated again by 4.53% today at 06:24 UTC with the trading value of $0.06377, which is dropped by 1.47% as of now.

Stellar Lumens can be a really tricky cryptocurrency right now. Stellar is fluctuating with the bearish nature from quite some time now. They lost their position from the top 10 currencies in the past and still seem to be dropping down. So, users might want to watch the trend for some more time and analyze if the value escalated in the coming time or not. Patience is the virtue, well, at least with Stellar!

Stellar - XLM

For users who are already in the race of trade-in XLM coin, they might need assistance with resistance and support levels for no further losses:

Resistance Levels

  • R3: 0.071813
  • R2: 0.069187
  • R1: 0.06607

Support Levels

  • S1: 0.060327
  • S2: 0.057701
  • S3: 0.054584

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