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Stellar Must Leave The Accommodation From Bearish Zone!


Megha Bambra, CTO of Stellar, recently talked about the vision of StellarX, a new trading platform is contributing as the decentralized asset exchange which is built of every trader.

Stellar to USD Price Analysis:

Considering the trading chart from the past 2 days, the value saw quite noticeable jumps in the chart. The value on 29th August at 22:27 UTC was seen trading at $0.061138. The value then escalated by 3.48% on 30th August at 14:52 UTC when the trade value changed to $0.06326. The value, however, dropped again by 3.13% at 19:12 UTC trading at $0.06129. The value saw an escalation again by 1.94% at 20:05 UTC when the changed value trading at $0.06249 which is dropped by 0.75% from then as of now.

Come on now, Stellar! It’s been quite few months now that Stellar has accommodated its place in the bearish zone. It is surely affecting the supply chain as many traders are opting to exit the portfolio as they might have been losing their potential returns from other altcoins. Let’s hope to see Stellar jumping out of the zone soon.

XLM/USD Chart by TradingView:

Stellar Price

For traders who are patiently trading in Stellar network, the resistance and support level might help them to avoid losing any returns:

R1: 0.063541, R2: 0.064782, R3: 0.065706

S1: 0.061376, S2: 0.060452, S3: 0.059211

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