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Stellar May Drop Marginally and Reach $0.058 Tomorrow, Bearish Run to End Soon


The price of the XLM coin was $0.062 on 2-Sep-19 at 02:05 UTC and the movement for the coin was bullish. It continued to rise further and reached as high as $0.064 on 3-Sep-19 and was being traded at almost the same price till 4-Sep-19. From 4-Sep-19 onwards the prices of the coin started to decline gradually and with a sharp fall on 6-Sep-19 XLM reached $0.058. There was another sharp fall the same day at 20:10 UTC and prices fell further to $0.057. Though the coin has managed to rise upwards from yesterday, it seems that prices may drop as per the trend observed. The coin can be traded today in the range of $0.057 and $0.059.

By comparing the price of XLM since 3-Sep-19 04:00 UTC time when it was priced at $0.064 and the current price, it indicates a bearish trend by 7%.

Looking at the current movement of the coin, the same trend may continue tomorrow also with XLM dropping marginally by 0.058. After about a few days’ time, the coin may gain back its pace and maybe traded close to $0.060 with more than 1% increase.

Stellar Price Chart:

XLM Price

You can purchase the new XLM coins or also sell the old coins as per your discretion. The MACD indicator also seconds that the movement now for the coin is bearish; however, it seems that it will rise upwards after a couple of days. If being traded from a long term perspective, XLM can yield better results.

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