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Stellar Dips to its 90-Days Low at $0.055 Yesterday

  • Stellar partners with KeyBaseIO for its largest distribution ever
  • Stellar dips from $0.061 to $0.055 in the last 5 days

Stellar has always been in the news for its partnership with IBM network, but lately, the coin has been losing its charm on a consistent basis. The current market performance of XLM is below the mark and it may further lose some points by trading below $0.055 in the next couple of days. However, the coin may prove to be beneficial in the long run. Hence, investments now won’t go wasted. Team Stellar is already focusing its efforts on bringing new partners on board for distribution which may bring back the lost luster.

XLM to USD Price Analysis

Stellar has recorded a downtrend of over 4.9% in the last 5 days declining from $0.061 to its current value at $0.058 as on September 13, 2019, at 10:44:35 UTC. The coin has depicted a continuous downward trend in the last 5 days, and the declining speed doubled after September 11, 2019. XLM may further drop up to $0.055 in the next few days.

Stellar Price Chart

XLM recorded its 90-days low-value yesterday by trading at $0.055. The highest recorded value of XLM in the last 90 days was $0.134 which reflects the power of this coin.

Investing in XLM in bulk may only benefit in the long run for now.

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