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Russian Scientist at Nuclear Lab Fined $7000 for Mining Bitcoin Illegally


Sarov Nuclear Labs is the oldest nuclear base in Russia which is situated outside Moscow. In 1949, the Soviet Union produced an atomic weapon in the same base place. It has a high quality of supercomputers.

On September 17, 2019, Denis Baykov has been caught for mining the Bitcoin illegally, and he has been fined with $7000 at Sarov Nuclear base. As reported, he was using supercomputers of the lab for the Bitcoin mining. He was violating the computer rules of the plant.

Andrei Shatokin and Andrei Rybkin are other two scientists that were also involved in Bitcoin mining illegally. The decision in the court case is still pending.

The defense counsel of the accused, Alexei Koyalyov, told him to avoid the detection and noticed that before he caught, he had mined some of the Bitcoins successfully. He also said with surety that the accused ones were started to mine were not on a prime day.

Across the world, the facility of nuclear weapons of Russia is one of the boosting lists of Bitcoin mining locations. There are many places like China and North America where Bitcoin mining is not restricted.

Many crypto mining activities are recorded in many places like college dorms, workplaces and many more by electricity as well as the internet connection. At the beginning of 2019, many Bitcoin miners gathered to the mosques to get free power in Iran.

Due to certain activities, the authorities in Tehran passed a rule in which the miners have to provide specific electricity tariffs. This act legalized the crypto industry in the country. The federal government is now offering tax holiday to the crypto miners to repatriate the foreign earnings.

In December 2018, the hash rate was reduced by 45% and the expended computer power on the community of Bitcoin was increased rapidly. In 2019, mining capitulation fear is the primary path to increase Bitcoin mining activity.

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