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Ripple is Hosting an Annual Conclave ‘Swell’ on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


According to the reports, the well-known blockchain-based payment processor, Ripple, is hosting two days in Singapore of its annual conclave on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Many talented speakers are invited to the Swell conference to target and speak about these topics.

Many Swell conferences took place in the history where the US Congressman of the Republic Party, Ted Budd, said that XRP is a combination of BTC and ETH in actual. The XRP price was increased by 14.75% last month. People are eagerly waiting for the event as it is worth to know the updates of it.

Ripple is working as a background blockchain in many banking operations. Now, banking companies want to develop their networks so that they can improve the quality of their banking services. After considering the needs of the banking sector, the Swell 2019 conference is fixed on November 7-8, 2019. This event will unite various trusted voices across many payments, technology, financial, and policymaking services. They will together share the ideas and suggestions about the structure of global payments and the reason to consider it.

Reserve Bank of India’s Former Governor, and the 7th Chief Economist at the IMF, Mr. Raghuram Rajan, will attend this event. Many other big names are also included in the list of this conference like Chang Heng Chee, the Ambassador at Singapore Foreign Ministry.

The event will start with a speech by the Head of Regulatory Affairs NYDIG and Stu Alderoty, Ben Lawsky. After that, Piyush Gupta, the CEO, and Director of DBS bank will take over the session on the topic ‘Future of Digital Banking’ on the first day.

On the next day, other topics like Global Payments, Blockchain Payments, Digital Assets for Money Transfers: Transforming the Industry, and UBRI: How Academia is Driving Innovation in Blockchain, will be covered. Many technocrats and savvies will share their experience and expertise on these subjects.

The banking communities have a good relationship with Ripple as it is famous for secure and efficient transacting payments globally. But, now, the banks are following the SWIFT mechanism (Society of Worldwide InterBank Financial Telecommunications), which makes the relationship weak with Ripple.

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