Release of BitTorrent Speed 2.2.1


Recently, a new product, BitTorrent Speed, unified into uTorrent Classic to give a chance of earning cryptocurrency (BTT) to its customers in return of seeding and fast file downloads. In 2018, the concept was introduced to combine data-sharing networks with blockchain technology.

BitTorrent has the world’s biggest decentralized P2P network, with 22% upstream and 3% downstream traffic. BitTorrent is quite popular, and it is installed in 1 billion devices in 138 countries across the world. It provides a user to download large files over the internet.

In July 2019, BitTorrent and TRON together announced the beta version of the BitTorrent. After that, real users conducted internal testing. The team gathered feedback from the real users and made changes to the product.

There are three main features of the current version of BitTorrent Speed.

  • Create, Import, and Recover Wallet: The new version allows a user to create a local wallet or import its existing wallet. This facility is to make it compatible with the TRON network. Now, a user can also use Recovery Phrase or Seed Phrase to recover and import the existing wallet.
  • Integration of Captcha: The Captcha combines with Airdrop flow to increase the security against the bots.
  • Capability of Airdrop: Now, new users will get the benefit of 50 BTT after creating or importing the wallet in BitTorrent Speed.

After the 2018 version of BitTorrent Speed, there were many fixes taken place to improve the platform:

  • After initiating the file downloading process, the uTorrent app does not crash.
  • The pop-up showing the recovery information does not disappear.
  • The pop-up information redirects to the dashboard screen.

The current version of BitTorrent released with many improvements and updations.

  • Due to updated security requirements, a user can now set up the local password of his wallet.
  • There are auto-migrate keys for the wallets.
  • You can handle your wallet imports by using the “Claim Airdrop” button.
  • There is an addition to the UpdateAccountPubKey migration service.
  • There is a remarkable improvement in ledger security.

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