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NEO Seems to be Rising Upwards; Next Resistance can be $9.30


NEO was priced at $9.32 on September 04, 2019 at 02:30 UTC and seemed that coin price would continue to rise further. However, the price started to decline slowly. The next day the coin records two sharp rises and NEO price reached $9.33 at 01:30 UTC. Since it was not able to maintain its performance; again, the coin began to fall and reached $8.67 on September 06, 2019 at 23:00 UTC. Overall, the movement of the coin has seen several sharp rises and falls over the past 5 days.

NEO Price Analysis and Future Predictions:

If we compare the NEO price since it was at $8.67 and the current price point, NEO indicates an upward movement to the tune of 3.68%.

We anticipate that the same trend will continue, and NEO can reach to its next resistance level of $9.30 by tomorrow. NEO may be traded in the range of its support and resistance levels f $8.95 and $9.4 in the coming days.

The CMF indicator also indicates that NEO is rising upwards. NEO has huge potential in the market and by the time the year ends NEO may cross its monthly high value of $11. It is advisable to trade in the coin from a long-term perspective as short-term vision may not be that fruitful.

NEO to USD Price Chart

NEO Price Chart

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