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NEO Records 4% Hike in 15 Days; Next Key Resistance to Look for $9.24


Let us compare the price of NEO over the past one month. NEO was priced at $10.51 on Aug 19 at 04:00 UTC. On the same day, there was a sharp fall and price fell as low as $9.22 on August 15. Till about 28th August, the coin seemed to maintain its uptrend despite the few falls. With two sharp falls, the coin fell to the level of $8.58. However, at present, the coin seems to have gained back its momentum and is rising upwards.

NEO Price Chart

NEO Price Analysis and Predictions:

If we compare the price of the NEO since it reached $8.58 with the current price, it indicates a bullish run by 4.30%. We anticipate that the same trend may continue for NEO and it can reach $9 soon. In the coming weeks, it can be traded in the range of $8.89 and $9.11.

The CMF indicator points that NEO at present reflects a bearish trend. NEO has great potential in the long run, and it can reach as high as $9.42 before this year ends.

Following are the most probable resistance and support levels to consider for safer trading:

Resistance Levels

R1: $9.14, R2: $9.24 and R3: $9.42

Support Levels

S1: $8.86, S2: $8.68 and S3: $8.58

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