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NEO Price Escalated by 2% Since Yesterday


NEO coin was dominated by the bears yesterday. However, there was a sharp rise at about 12:01 UTC, and prices of the coin started to rise upwards. Since about 04:20 UTC today, the price of the coin has started to decline. NEO started off yesterday at $9.39, it reached a low of $9.20 and finally closed at $9.92. It may be traded today in the range of $9.59 to $9.70.

NEO Price Chart

NEO Price Chart

NEO Price Analysis & Future Forecast:

NEO reached as high as $10 yesterday, comparing the intraday price of the coin since today’s figure, NEO indicates a bearish movement of 4.2%.

Having said that, we believe that NEO price may become somewhat stable and the coin can be traded close to $9.7 to $9.9 by the end of the day tomorrow. This is basis the past track record of the coin. After a period of about week, NEO may cross $10 mark.

You can also purchase new coins after about some days as NEO may gain its pace from the latter part of the day today. Advisable to retain the new coins for a longer period of time as considering the huge potential of the coin, NEO can touch as high as $15 by the end of the year.

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