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NEO maintains upward movement, and the next target can be $10.85


As on yesterday, NEO started off with being valued at $9.88, price of the coin fell to as low as $9.84 as per intraday figures. NEO’s yesterday low price was $9.84. Since about 06:30 UTC, the prices of the coin gradually started to show an upward rise. It reached as high as $10.17 yesterday and closed at the same price. Despite the few falls today; the coin has still managed to maintain a bullish run, and we anticipate that the same trend will continue for the NEO coin for tomorrow as well.

NEO/USD Price Chart

NEO/USD Price Chart


NEO price analysis:

If we compare the price of NEO coin since its lowest price, which was $9.84 yesterday and the current price, NEO reflects a bullish run by 2%. We believe that NEO will continue to rise upwards and may reach around its next resistance level of $10.85 by the end of the day tomorrow.

As compared to yesterday’s figures, the price of the coin has gone up by 0.82%. NEO has very good potential to offer great returns in the long run.

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