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MintDice Becoming Next-gen Casino for Gambling Lovers


Gone are the days when opening a casino required millions of bucks, licenses that took forever, and most intimidating running it.

The Internet has facilitated the quick and easy springing of online casinos. Today it is almost equivalent to opening a bank account and scraping easy money out of it.

With that being said, MintDice is getting some major casino goals for the industry stalwarts to play bitcoin casino games online. MintDice opened as a full-fledged Bitcoin casino, providing a range of games like dice, Plinko, slots and a number of others that people enjoy. Over the top of regular games of a casino, it also harbors a variety of social games including Bit Rocket as well as Pyramid. To elucidate, Bit Rocket is majorly a skill sport that has winning odds grow in the proportion of a player’s contribution in the betting pool. Only 1% of the pots are to be made for the bonus pot, implying that if three players have bet 15,000 satoshis, 150 satoshis will be added by the bonus pot to the pool.

It has also been revolutionizing the way retail investors can allocate capital and gain investment exposure to very specific industries. Today MintDice has a robust suite of games with the most popular being bitcoin dice and slots.

MintDice offers an exclusive guide providing clear instructions on using their portal and start playing. It also highlights strategies for some of their complicated and hard to master games.

On the regulatory side, the company even complies with the inexorable regulations, keeping it mandatory for users to verify their age which should be a minimum of 18 years to continue to Sign Up. Moreover, there is also a faucet for in house bitcoin that lets users fund their player accounts with the cryptocurrencies won.

Platforms like TRON, EOS, etc. started to have a steep inclination towards these activities for facilitating transactions. Yet the scope of the casino to burgeon over these platforms is less than usual as they don’t have enough scalability to accomplish so.

There are a number of problems with the conventional casino industry, to name some:

The house generally has greater odds of winning the lot, and the game is not entirely immune to human interference, and the legitimate participants are often misinterpreted as crooks.

The online casinos incorporated with high-end financial alternatives like the virtual cryptocurrencies and are significantly helping casinos address these loopholes that persist in the industry.

MintDice’s primary features are designed to steer clear of these very downsides of traditional casinos. Using the immutable character of blockchain, these casinos can infiltrate a virtue of trust into its online gaming store. When everything is recorded and stored online, no room of illegitimate human interruption into the game and its numbers are left.

Hence using digital assets as trading means in the casinos has come out to be a very strong use case of blockchain. Participants have a much better probability and risk management register when playing online.

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