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Immortalize your Message for Future on Bitcoin Blockchain through These Simple Ways


Would you like to leave an unchanging message for your coming generations? Then you must browse It’s not the best message sending service at all, but it will record your every message on the Bitcoin blockchain, which implies that they are open and can never be altered or erased.

This fun service seems creative and progressive, as it has made possible to include messages on the BTC since its initiation. Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious maker of Bitcoin, incorporated this message in the Genesis Block, or the first time Bitcoin block: “The Times January 3rd, 2009 Chancellor on the verge of the second bailout for banks.” Meanwhile, this year, an online representative TD Ameritrade planted their legal banner on the Bitcoin’s blockchain, adequately making promotion for themselves.

“Blockchains are forever” makes this quite simple. Interested individuals can simply type in their message, choose whatever message they wish to make on the Bitcoin blockchain, select their payment mode, pay, and their message gets immortalized on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The best part of this feature is that it won’t cost you much to try. It will only cost you 5 dollar cents for sending a message. And you are just permitted to post 80 characters in a solitary message. So, make sure to stock up with BTC first if you intend to add a mass of content to the Bitcoin blockchain.

A renowned crypto news website has covered two comparably innovative crypto projects in the past. Steem Whale is the first project which enables you to make a fake whale wellspring squirt by sending the Steem digital currency.

The second fun task is Satoshi’s Place, a spray painting board to show the intense power and capacities of the Lightning Network. There are 1 million pixels on the canvas with each costing one satoshi to paint. Whether you draw something substantial, it won’t cost you a ton. But you need to be aware because others can copy your art!

However, the unchanging nature of open Blockchains is being utilized to send genuine messages, too. As announced in April, activists have posted #MeToo movement letter by a Peking University student on the Ethereum blockchain trying to avoid government policies regarding censorship.

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