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Hong Kong’s alleged Bitcoin Tycoon Arrested after Making It ‘Rain Cash’


The Shanghaiist-A Native English news outlet published a post on December 17 and confirms that an alleged Bitcoin (BTC) millionaire has been sent behind bars in Hong Kong after making money rain in the city streets.

A swathe of 100-Hong Kong dollar greenbacks was diverted from a rooftop in Sham Shui Po on Sunday. Wong Ching- unit, a native crypto money admirer, implied Bitcoin tycoon, and businessman who possesses the Epoch Cryptocurrency site, is supposedly accountable for the stunt.
According to a video published on Epoch’s Facebook page, he is seen asking “does anybody trust that cash can tumble from the sky?” before cash begins tumbling from a high building beside him.

Video description portrays a competition wherein members can purportedly win huge money prizes. In another video Ching-pack supposedly depicts himself inside an extravagant car as some sort of “god” that steals money from the rich people and offers it to the poor people.”

As indicated by Shanghaiist, the man was captured by the local police, allegedly before playing out another stunt for the sake of publicity. Shanghaiist posted that he was kept for “scattered conduct in front of the public while streaming the video live with a pile of money in his hand.

A member of the native crypto network- Leo Weese, tweeted that Ching-kit isn’t a Bitcoin tycoon however is rather “running a pyramid-like” plan. The police apparently claim to have just recuperated 6,000 Hong Kong dollars ($767) while “a well-known Twitter post claims, nonsensically, that millions of HKD were dropped from the rooftop of the building.”

The founders of a blockchain meeting in China were exposed to brutal analysis after they masterminded an execution including a Mao Zedong impersonator in May 2018. A performer wearing a dark Mao suit gave away a speech in the style of the Chairman, wishing successful future to the gathering of people in a compliment from Mao’s introduction to the world territory of Hunan.
The coordinators supposedly infringed a law prohibiting the usage of the picture of any past or present leader in TV ads or in promotional activities.

The initial of this month, a Ukrainian initial coin offering (ICO) exposure stunt on Mount Everest brought about the demise of a Sherpa. Social organization ASKfm supported “crypto admirers” to climb Mount Everest and place a Ledger wallet holding 500,000 in ASKfm tokens at the top. The Sherpa passed away amid the plunge.

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