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Ex-Goldman Executive Maintains Optimism about Crypto with Institution Targeted Crypto Brokerage Launches


Greg Tusar, the ex-global head of Goldman Sachs and current chief technology officer at Tagomi Holding, looks at the current crypto scenario with very hopeful eyes. Despite the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency landscape this year, he still sees a promise in the digital currency. As per the reports from Bloomberg, he drew an analogy of the current stage of the digital currency with the initial growing time of trading equities electronically. Therefore, he rather looks at the current state of the crypto as a big opportunity for entrepreneurship. In the report, he described the crypto scenarios as a chance to build great businesses and have a lot of impact.

Tusar’s conviction shows in his actions on co-founding a live electronic crypto brokerage- ‘Tagomi Holdings,’ which got launched recently. Tagomi Holdings has got support from Founders Funds which is a venture capital firm, among many other firms.

Tusar thinks that the live electronic crypto brokerage will serve as an advanced implementation and will provide the much-needed transparency which the money management firms and high profile family offices demand in order to invest in the digital assets. He further said that Tagomi uses ‘proven electronic trading solutions.’ It is becoming a common expectation in the high-end investors. He said that these e-trading solutions would help get rid of the operational obstacles that one often stumbles upon in the digital asset investment process.

Amidst the bear mentality in the crypto market, many like Tusar are still maintaining high levels of optimism. For instance, the CEO of Circle- Jeremy Allaire anticipates that the cost of cryptocurrencies will shot ‘rocket-high’ in the coming thirty-six months. He expressed his views earlier this month. Although he did not state a specific rate for Bitcoin, but he projected confidence in the price of the cryptocurrency to go way higher. He said, “I don’t make significant price predictions. But it is certainly going to be worth a great deal more than it is worth today. I am long in the market.”

On the other hand, the founder of ‘Fundstrat Global Advisors’ Tom Lee, also showed a lot of optimism in the cryptocurrency. He pointed that the current rate of the digital currencies is ‘unjustified,’ as the adoption had increased with the rise in the number of crypto wallets. There has been a dramatic growth in crypto wallets lately.

Mike Novogratz, the Chief Executive of a crypto investment firm- Galaxy Digital, expressed his optimism about the crypto growth. Last month, he shared his views about the future of the crypto space. In his statement, he not only predicted the rate of the Bitcoin, but he also highlighted the importance of the institutional investors in the crypto space in the coming years. He said,
“There is going to be a case of institutional FOMO (fear of missing out), just like there was in retail.”

The promising future of the crypto assets and currency is also predicted by the founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. The twin founders- Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss took their optimism to action levels when they launched new crypto products during the current turbulent times of the cryptocurrency. While releasing a mobile application for their Gemini crypto exchange they said, “We think it is a space that is here to stay.”

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