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Dogecoin Records 7% Hike Since Yesterday


Dogecoin has expanded its popularity quotient in this year, and it may further increase in the coming years as well. The current crypto market movement is not that great, but it may gain some pace soon.

Dogecoin Price Analysis

As on September 13, 2019, at 08:15 UTC, the price of Dogecoin stands at $0.002377, and it is moving in the downward direction. DOGE has been trading within the range of $0.0023 to $0.0025 since yesterday, and its highest recorded value in the last 7 days was also $0.002605. It may cross this value again by the weekend. Dogecoin has slowed down a bit after the sudden surge in June and now it has rolled back again to trade below $0.0030.

Dogecoin to USD Price Chart

dogecoin price chartDogecoin is highly popular crypto and is being talked about upon by some of the global business leaders. The coin may start showing the effect of popularity in its price by rising up to its monthly high of $0.002899 in the upcoming months.

Following are the most probable resistance and support levels for the Dogecoin:

R1: $0.002459, R2: $0.002492 and R3: $0.002539

S1: $0.002379, S2: $0.002332 and S3: $0.002299

This is a good time to plan long-term investments in the coin and start stacking up for future benefits.

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