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Dogecoin Needs to Surge Upwards to Acquire More Traders in the Network


It seems that Dogecoin might take over the market of altcoins. DOGE has shown tremendous returns in the year 2019, and let’s hope that it will continue to do the same. Today, let’s see what Dogecoin has to offer in its basket.

Dogecoin Price Analysis:

Considering the data from last one month, the value was initially seen trading at $0.00319297 on 5th August at 18:00 UTC. The value was a drop by 22.41%, which was a drastic drop in the chart realized on 16th August at 11:00 UTC with the trading value of $0.002477.

The value saw a rise of 16.89% on 19th August at 07:00 UTC when the trade value changed to $0.002897. The value then dropped again by 29th August at 07:30 UCT time with the value trading at $0.002354. The value then increased by 6% from then as of now.

Dogecoin is trading in the ‘buying’ zone as of now. But the possibility might touch to the bullish zone too. Patience is the virtue, and with DOGE, this might be the only case for now. Let’s hope for some good surges soon!

DOGE to USD Chart by TradingView:

Dogecoin Price

Considering the data from yesterday, the resistance and support level is calculated as:

R1: 0.002504, R2: 0.002525, R3: 0.002564

S1: 0.002444, S2: 0.002405, S3: 0.002384

The real question is if we will be able to see the touch down of $0.0040 by the end of 2019? Well, prediction says that we might be able to!

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