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Dogecoin Constantly Trades with a Bearish Outlook


Dogecoin has been able to survive the downfall in the past. However, this time coin seems to be drowning with other altcoins too.

Considering the trading data from the last 5 days, initially DOGE was at the highest touch point at $0.002541 on 8th September. The value then dropped by 8.51% on the next day at $0.002324. By 11:55 UTC, the value increased by 7.64% and Dogecoin price escalated to $0.002501.

Dogecoin Price Chart

A massive drop was seen when the value from then dropped by 8.45% on 11th September at 16:15 UTC and the price of Dogecoin dropped to $0.002290. From then on, the value is increased by 7.94% as of now.

DOGE might be trading in the bearish zone with a slightest of the elevation in the green zone today. However, users are hoping to see the positive valuation quite soon. DOGE might be one of the favorite coins in terms of emotional definition but whether DOGE can be an active player in the marathon of crypto market or not, is a significant concern.

Short Term Investment

DOGE Price Chart

If the trend is taken seriously and analyzed wisely, investors might be able to earn on the highest touch point, only if bought at the lowest points.

Long Term Investment

Dogecoin Chart

This movement, however, requires some patience as the constant drop won’t allow the investors to fetch returns on their investments.

The resistance support level, however, might help the users to avoid any losses on the lowest points in the chart:

Resistance Levels:

R1: 0.002459, R2:0.002492, R3: 0.002539

Support Levels:

S1: 0.002379, S2: 0.002332, S3: 0.002299

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