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DOGE Price Trend Takes a Relaxed Downward Stride


DOGE was trading at $0.00217727 as on September 27, 2019 and for the following days the price remained almost constant. On the last day of the previous month the coin witnessed a couple of sharp rises post which the price reached $0.00255084 on October 1, 2019. On the same day price fell and the coin was being traded at $0.00241802 until October 2, 2019. While writing this analysis, price of the coin was reflecting a relaxed downward trend.

DOGE to USD Price Analysis:

Dogecoin Price Chart

Today, DOGE indicates a downward movement by 12% when compared to the highest trading price of October 1, 2019. Looking at the present trend we anticipate that the price may maintain the similar trend in the upcoming days as well.

DOGE’s present movement indicates that this is an optimum period for the potential traders to invest in the coin. Today, it is expected to be traded in the range of $0.00222799 and $0.00235738. The CMF indicator also points that DOGE is relaxingly moving downwards. A one-year investment plan seems to be a decent option as per the current trend and past records.

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