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Circuit Chip Producer Bitmain is Taking the Competition at Next Level


Bitmain is China-based ASIC chips producing company whose chips are specially designed for bitcoin mining. Recently this company announced introducing its new Antminer T17 model which runs at a great speed of around 40 terahashes/second plus; it has second-generation TSMC 7nm semiconductors. Most certainly, this new offering of Bitmain is much better than its previous products. It has better power efficiency as compared to its previous products.  The mining rig consumes as much as 2200W and weighs around 11.5kg.

The new rig comes with a completely updated and new set of features and abilities.  Its design is built keeping in mind the functions like reducing dust entries.

The company had already launched Antminer S17 series (this month). The details related to the new T series are not yet out. It’s pricing, and features are still not disclosed by the manufacturers. However, the company mentioned that this new rig would allow users to mine both bitcoin cash and bitcoin core. The mining rig reduces wind resistance with the help of dual tube heat dissipation technology. Though the company did not yet reveal all the specifications, the insiders and enthusiast are estimating the new machine to cost around $1,270 per unit.

The official announcement made by the company says

“The space between the air inlet to the air outlet has been reduced by 50%, improving heat dissipation which further enhances the long-term operation of the miner and reduces maintenance costs for users.”

As the product is new, the company wants to maintain its logistic and demand-supply ratio and hence would go with first paid first serve basis. Interested purchasers can buy this new rig at the website of the company; however, purchasers from the US will have to bear an extra 2.6% tax.

Not just Bitmain but its competitors are coming up with new models too; Canaan has announced the new Avalon series which comes with hashrates between 31-33TH/s. Along with these two companies, there is Microbt Whatsminer M20S which uses 12nm TSMC produced semiconductors.  However, the offerings by these companies are not available for purchase at present.

A few miners have already claimed to buy the latest S17s. One Redditor posted,

“Antminer S17 Pros just arrived — I apologize in advance for the slight bump in the BCH hashrate.”

As per one revenue estimating website, the Antminer S17 Pro is the world’s most profit making miner.

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