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BTC Price Seemingly Moving in the Upward Motion


Bitcoin is trading at $10722.16 at 09:32 UTC on September 06, 2019. Considering the trades of yesterday, the price of BTC coin was initially trading below the baseline at $10474.11 at 10:15 UTC. Bitcoin price in just the next few minutes has increased by 1.82% at 10:23 UTC when the trading price changed to $10662.77. Then, BTC price dropped by 1.62% at 18:00 UTC with the trading price of $10490.42. Today, at 08:07 UTC, Bitcoin price is increased by 2.92% trading at $10797.08 which is slightly dropped to the tune of 0.65% as of now.

Bitcoin price may have seen a slight drop in the last two days. However, it would have likely to move the upward way soon. BTC may almost certainly amaze us in long-term as well. However, being patient is the key here.

Bitcoin Price

With the amazing variances on a regular routine, it is fundamental to keep a note of the topping figure. The resistance and support levels may assist the traders for safer trading:

Resistance Levels
R3: $10,740.58

R2: $10,683.92

R1: $10,629.73

Support Levels

S1: $10,518.88

S2: $10,462.22

S3: $10,408.03

Before the end of this year, Bitcoin may almost certainly flood the upward way with the most astounding estimation of $15,000.

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