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Blockchain tech to boost shrimp exports from Andhra Pradesh


Using the Blockchain technology, encrypted knowledge of the complete provide chain concerned in shrimp cultivation — right from the placement of the lake, method of the culture, post-harvest and different details — are recorded and monitored to make sure quality standards. “We area unit operating with MPEDA and Tata Trusts to leverage Blockchain technology. we tend to area unit about to launch the test before the tip of this month,” Fisheries Commissioner Rama Shankar Naik told TNIE.

A memo of Understanding (MoU) can shortly be signed by the Fisheries Department and MPEDA with Tata Trusts that partnered with a start-up company Algorythmix for the preparation of a platform to implement the test within the State. It’s doubtless to be launched in Krishna, East Godavari and West Godavari districts ab initio.

Now that we’ve understood the numerous theoretical aspects of blockchain technology, it’s vital that we tend to investigate however it’s being place to real use. During this chapter, we’ll target the $64000 life applications of blockchain and the way they’re disrupting the globe as we all know it. Beginning with the foremost thought example of blockchain use cases, Bitcoin, we’ll march on to visualize however blockchain is dynamic something from government and finance, to shaping the long run of the net of Things and knowledge storage.

Blockchain has gone from the arcane underpinning of Bitcoin to a hyped-up technology that companies in each sector believe might have a transformational result.

Many enterprises area unit currently heavily invested in blockchain applications. In PwC’s 2018 international blockchain survey, 89 p.c of the 600 executives from fifteen territories UN agency responded aforesaid that their organisations had a minimum of some involvement with blockchain technology. For the needs of authenticating a singular physical item, the things area unit paired with a corresponding digital token. This primarily suggests that tokens area unit used on bind the physical and digital worlds. These digital tokens area unit helpful for providing chain management, belongings, and anti-counterfeiting and fraud detection. As mentioned on top of, the Blockchain is AN attempt|attempting} to form the technology a lot of help for those who got to maintain an indisputable record of transactions. The Blockchain technology provides final clarity and transparency and may be used as a good tool against the cases of corruption.

With the assistance of the Blockchain technology, all the dealings come about in an exceedingly safe setting wherever all the small print area unit encrypted with the generation of a singular transaction variety and this variety is recorded within the ledger as a placeholder. During this case, not all the users would be able to see the small print of the dealings. However, the network is alert to the dealings. This method limits any amendment of a fraud as a result of the person with malicious plans should access each pc within the network to form changes within the information.

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