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Bitcoin Value Might Surprise Traders with Tremendous Returns


In recent time, many altcoins tried to claim that their network might be better than BTC. However, it cannot be true even in dreams as BTC relies on complete liquidity and stronger fluctuations in the network that NO altcoin might be able to BEAT! After a certain drop in the BTC value, it has started to grow back in the upward direction.

Bitcoin Price Analysis & Forecast:

The value of BTC is trading at $10562.08 at 11:12 UTC on 4th September 2019.

Considering the intraday- analysis, BTC value has seen some inspiring fluctuations in the chart. Yesterday, the initial movement of BTC was seen at 03:35 UTC when the value was trading at $10480.61. The value then dropped by 1.81% at 10:01 UTC with the trading value of $10291.18. The value was escalated by 4.65% at 14:42 UTC when the trade value changed to $10767.65.

The value dropped again by 2.71% today at 01:32 UTC trading at $10475.96 value which is increased by 0.85% from then as of now.

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin is sliding towards the bullish trend. In the next few days, we might be able to see the high upsurge in the BTC value. Users must tie their belts as they might have to opt to ‘selling’ their coins very soon for good returns.

Short-term investment: This seems to be a good time to earn good incentives in intraday trading. One can focus on data fluctuations closely to decide on where to sell the coin.

Long term Investment: Long term investment can be a good approach as well since the value is sliding in the bullish trend closely. So users waiting for BTC value to upsurge, this might be a good hour to analyze the price valuation of BTC.

The calculated resistance and support levels are as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R3: 11,231.13

R2: 10,983.61

R1: 10,803.58

Support Levels:

S1: 10,376.03

S2: 10,128.51

S3: 9,948.48

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