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Bitcoin Records 0.6% Dip in the Last 7 Days Trading Around $10,200

  • Bitcoin pushes for BTC adoption through social campaign promoting its benefits
  • Bitcoin is expected to surge up to $11,000 in the coming week

The year has brought high benefits for the Bitcoin holders as the coin crossed $13,000 price mark. It may repeat this trend again very soon. The firm is currently running a social media campaign recommending Bitcoin as the solution for all financial problems faced by countries around the globe. The campaign is getting much traction in the crypto community and may lead to a drastic growth in its current performance.

Bitcoin to USD Price Analysis

In the last 7 days, BTC price has changed from $10,360.40 to its current value at $10,295.82 as on September 13, 2019, at 09:03:18 UTC. The coin has recorded a dip of over 0.6% in the last one week and has even dropped below to $10,000 once to trade at $9962.53. BTC started the week on a good note rising up to $10,597.37 but then started declining gradually and has not been able to recover yet.

Bitcoin Price

The highest recorded value of BTC in the last 7 days was $10,898 and in the previous 30 days, it was $10,947. BTC can be expected to cross $11,000 by this month-end.

The coin has already registered more than 4X growth since the beginning of the year and is expected to close the year on a much higher note.

Investing in the futuristic crypto Bitcoin is always a good decision to make for high benefits in the coming years.


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