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Bitcoin Nearing $4,000 – but can it hold?


The Bitcoin rate showed slight improvement as it was able to sustain the growth made previously.

In the first half, the BTC/USD exchange rate showed an increment of 1.5 percent. A bullish run towards the $4,000 mark was expected before it fell from the established target and placed itself to $3,843.

This movement of the price was very identical to what the market had faced somewhere around November 24 to December 3. The price at November 27 of $3,567 which is considered to be the lowest, is now considered to be the temporary support price, whereas $4,000 is understood to be the resistance rate. Day traders have the adequate margin to book gains as there is a considerable range between the boundaries. In the long term though, this crypto market still suffers from falling in a downstream, and an upcoming breakdown could happen anytime.

Close to its 50- period moving average, a healthy resistance is visible for the Bitcoin price. At the time when it was establishing itself around $6,000, an equivalent moving average was noticed. Till now, the market was restricting a bull run by the 50 periods once, but Bitcoin is still in pursuit towards the upper limit.

Resistance is clearly visible in the 55-58 range by the RSI, which hints a bearish belief close to this area. Details from the US sessions are showing a stronger Dollar on low Chinese manufacturing statistics. It is placed in a good position, and a great production would definitely act as a catalyst in the market. Bitcoin is precariously positioned in the macroeconomic arena as the Dollar and Yen are there to fill in all the demands.

In the rest half of the US trading session, it is anticipated that the Bitcoin price will stabilize itself around the said parameters of its support and resistance figures of $3,885 and $3,567. A potential interval between the said limits permits us to carry on our intraday range plans. The whole idea is to enter a long when it rises from the support in the direction of resistance and a short in the direction of support on a fall from resistance. Risk management plan with a stop loss of just one pip in the opposite direction should be followed.

A breakout strategy will be maintained if the Bitcoin rate shatters its resistance level and follow a long position approaching $4,000. A stop-loss with just one pipless from the point of entrance can lessen the losses if the risings get corrected all over again. In the same fashion, damage to the support would open a short position in the direction of $3,437, with still managing a stop loss order of just one pip more than the entry level.

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