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Bitcoin is Showing Smooth Momentum Even in Dropping Fluctuations


Bitcoin has been targeting Greek Banks and questioning the users of the bank as the banks are shut from quite some time now. Users are facing greater challenges in terms of money transactions. Bitcoin seems to auction their services to such users and explain to them why buying Bitcoin will help them with easy transactions.

Bitcoin Price Analysis and Forecast:

BTC value was seen trading at $10605.46 at 11:14 UTC on 5th September 2019 and seems to be escalating in the upward direction in coming hours. Yesterday, the initial green zone value was seen at 04:02 UTC when the value was trading at $10639.54. The value then dropped by 2.34% at 13:55 UTC trading at $10390.73 value. The value then escalated in the upward motion by 4.12% at 20:02 UTC when the trade changed to $10819.17 value. The value today at 10:16 UTC was dropped by 3.16% trading at $10477.45, which is now slightly increased by 1.20%.

Bitcoin Price

The BTC price might have seen a little drop yesterday evening but is hoped to slide in the upward direction soon. However, the short term investment is still an ideal option if you are looking forward to making quick incentives.

BTC might be able to surprise us in long term portfolio too. But being patient is the key here.

With the surprising fluctuations on a daily basis, it is vital to keep a note of the capping figure. The resistance and support levels might help users with the same:

Resistance Levels:

R3: 11,087.78

R2: 10,925.21

R1: 10,759.85

Support Levels:

S1: 10,431.92

S2: 10,269.35

S3: 10,103.99

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