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Bitcoin is Gaining the Position Back to Sliding in the Bullish Zone


Bitcoin recently announced their premier trading platform called on their official site. However, the announcements of pre-registrations were already made last month inviting around 10,000 accounts signed up by the same. Bitcoin suggests that it might be world-class trading platform for many users to come. Let’s hope that it can improve the BTC nosedive as of now.

Price Analysis of BTC on 3rd September 2019

The price of Bitcoin is trading at $10393.52 at 08:40 UTC on 3rd September 2019. Yesterday, the BTC price was initially realized below the baseline trading at $9760.68 at 03:58 UTC. Then, Bitcoin saw a tremendous increase of 4.41% at 18:27 UTC when the BTC price changed to $10190.87. The value went further upwards today at 03:36 UTC by 2.81% with the trading price of $10478.83. Bitcoin price, however, dropped by 0.78% from then as of now.

Bitcoin had seen a sudden drop from last week, but today, the value seems to be escalating back up. BTC price is moving towards the bullish zone. This might be a good time for users to get ready to get some returns in the coming days.

Bitcoin Price

Considering short-term investment, users might be able to enjoy some returns in the coming few days as the Bitcoin price is increasing again. In long-term investment too, the users might be able to see some good escalation enough to earn some good profits.

The resistance and support levels might help you to trade safely:

Resistance Levels

R1: $10,585.35, R2: $10,823.94 and R3: $11,251.29

Support Levels

S1: $9,919.41, S2: $9,492.06 and S3: $9,253.47

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