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‘Bitcoin is a Garbage Network,’ says a Fortune 500 Software Developer


One Fortune 500 software developer said today that years-long efforts and over-engineering done in the crypto production along with a wrong ethical base had turned Bitcoin into a garbage network. The name of this software developer is Bryce Weiner.

He is known for his involvement in altcoin projects. These projects failed enormously.  And after their failure, this developer is criticizing the leading digital currency protocol in the world.

He recently admitted that he was acting when he said rubbish about Bitcoin. His remark on the Bitcoin was part of his acting. He continued saying, Bitcoin is most certainly not a garbage network. However, he said that it has a lot of other issues which must be solved.

He had said that Bitcoin has not earned and nor that it deserves to be the global reserve currency. The only democratic element in Bitcoin is that one can take the source code from it and do it over again.

This comment by Weiner made many pro bitcoiners angry. Some of them went ahead and said that he was doing nothing but acting like an internet troll. He had no firm pieces of evidence or reasoning to support his claims. Some people even tagged him as a crypto-scammer. He is the one whose opinion meant nothing.

Weiner responded to this by providing his opinions and comments to the media and feeding them with his perspectives. He had said how Wall Street canceled to introduce Bitcoin products. This comment had anything to do directly with the core debate of Bitcoin having enough potential as an alternative global reserve.

Weiner is working as a software architecture in a blockchain-based platform. Weiner has been part of six altcoin projects which are now closed. His last project (GamerHolicCoin) received criticism from the BitcoinCoinTalk group.

This lead to the creation of 5-6 different versions of the coin.

Weiner has worked on projects by Razorcoin, PetroDollar, NautilusCoin, and Amcoin too, which failed miserably. He still keeps publishing anti-Bitcoin opinions.

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