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Bitcoin Continues the Spree to Justifying its Mass Adoption

  • Bitcoin doubles its efforts to become an alternate payment of choice
  • The next important milestone for BTC remains at $11,000.

This is one of the best times to onboard the BTC adoption train. The firm seems to have gone all in to promote mass adoption of BTC token and gaining support from industry veterans. Most of the crypto enthusiast, market analysts and investors also believe that BTC will change the face of global financial system making it more transparent and empowering in the coming years. This increasing popularity and support from global leaders may push the coin beyond limits and BTC may start trading with newer price marks very soon.

As on September 14, 2019 at 07:12:52 UTC, Bitcoin is found to be trading at $10,302.25 and is moving in the upward direction. In the past 5 days, BTC has recorded a downtrend of over 0.8% dipping from $10,385.91 to its current value but it has started gaining momentum now. The coin moved from $10,385 to $9919 in a day but then climbed all the way upto trade at $10,456 for a moment. It has again tumbled down to trade below $10,400 and may remain here for some days.

Bitcoin Price

In the last 90-days, the highest recorded value of BTC was $13,796 and the lowest was $8,988. The coin has not dropped below $9000 in a long time and this shows a consistent pattern of growth from BTC token. Traders can expect more upward movement in the next 2 months.

BTC has traded on the upward path mostly in this year. The coin has got more popularity than ever and being talked about in global financial conferences and meet-ups. This is a positive indication that good times are just around the corner for BTC.

This is a perfect time for bulk investments in the BTC token for future gains.

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