Bitcoin News’s Badger Wallet Now Available on iOS Devices


In June, the leading bitcoin cash (BCH) light client Badger Wallet made its way to mobile devices. It launched a new app for Apple devices (iOS). Now the iOS users can download the new wallet on their devices that allows them to send, receive, and store bitcoin cash. The Badger Wallet, earlier to this was supported by desktop web browsers, was successful in storing and trading BCH.

The previous application was supported by Chrome and Firefox platform; users used to perform trade activities with bitcoin cash. With the help of this desktop application, users use to receive, send, and store bitcoin cash, apart from this Simple Ledger Protocol tokens were also stored, the application was used in a non-custodial manner.

The non-custodial Badger wallet, over the past few months, has been widely adopted as a light client across the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.  The Badger wallet not only allows the user to hold bitcoin cash in a secure way but also store SPL tokens developed on the bitcoin cash chain.

The Badger Wallet is similar to Metamask wallet- ethereum based wallet because it works as a gateway to various other bitcoin cash platforms. The Badger light client initially was launched for Chrome and Firebox, worked as a browser wallet, there is also an android version of the wallet too. Now with the launch of iOS version, Apple users can enjoy the benefits of Badger Wallet too. With this launch, Badger Wallet is available on most platforms.

Most of the features of desktop Badger Wallet are directly translated to mobile versions, such as storing everything on-chain, maintaining client control and custody of their SPL tokens or BCH.

Additional to this, Badger Wallet has maintained the feature of sending small amounts of funds between wallets.

SPL tokens of around $0.002 can be transferred across the globe and that too instantly, according to a source.

Steps to download iOS Badger Wallet

If you want to download the iOS version of the wallet, then the first thing you need to do is visit the official URL of Badger Wallet of the App Store, then download the application file of around 11.3 MB. The download will be completed within a fraction of seconds if you have a good internet speed. The Apple user needs an iOS version of 9.0 or higher. The application is supported on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Once the download is complete, you can look for the Badger icon and open it, similar to other apps. Upon opening the platform, you will be offered two options to start; first, it asks you to create a new wallet and second, to restore an existing wallet. You can select accordingly.

To restore your existing wallet, you should have 12-word seed phrase, enter it and if it’s correct, then existing Badger fund and another wallet fund will be displayed.

Creating a new wallet is not difficult; it takes only a few seconds upon clicking on the ‘New wallet’ tab. Once you successfully create a new wallet, the platform will direct you to the Badger home section; the BCH wallet will be empty initially. Under the BCH balance section, the Badger Simple Token Vault lets you know ‘no SPL tokens in the wallet yet.’ You can later add some bitcoin cash to the wallet by sending the amount to the address that is available in the ‘Receive section.’

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